Dream Girls Tetris

Dream Girls Tetris 3.3

Complete the game by achieving a total of 10 levels

Dream Girls Tetris is an excellent game if the idea is to have a very exciting fun. In each level the player has to use the imagination and most of everything the brain if he wants to play the next level.

When choosing the level and starting the real game you will see displayed on the screen the score that increases when the player forms lines. The speed is also important and the game time is also shown on the screen so that the player can see the time remaining. The player has to click on the arrows of the keyboard in order to move the figures. The player also has the possibility of seen the figure that is coming on the Next Item. Of course there is an incentive for the player that is going to help him achieve the goal. Every time the player makes a certain amount of points the picture of a stunning woman will appear on the screen. At that point the level is over and a new adventure starts for the next level, as well as a new top model to discover.

Excellent pictures and very nice music.

Review summary


  • Entertainment
  • Excellent pictures
  • Easy to play


  • Not for all ages
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